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I have found the perfect Vegan Date Night and Possibly the Best Vegan Mac and Cheese @The Vegoist

I am always on the quest to find the dopest spaces that are vegan because I believe that you can still have luxury in food, beauty and lifestyle all while living the plant life.

The Vegoist was a space that I had heard about a few times but the hearsay and the space was not done in justice.

When you walk in you are met with the coziest space that I immediately thought would be perfect if you are wanting to impress the vegan in your life for a cute atmosphere, great food and dancing.

Yes, dancing! They have a club on the lower level so if you are looking for a one stop shop this is the space

The food is full of flavor but what impressed me was the mac and cheese. Mac and cheese is the one thing I missed crossing over to the greenside especially when you come from the environment of southern cookouts . Mac and cheese is an art. They have perfected one of the best vegan options that I have tasted, really if I close my eyes remember what it was really like before giving up meat.

They also have a menu for those who still eat meat because they feel that everything is optionally and they want you to choose freely but how could you not choose Vegan when the food looks like this

Vegan Food Art: Cauliflower Wings, Strawberry Avocado Salad, Seitan and Mash Potatoes and Baked Vegan Mac and Cheese

Try the Vegoist and tell them Vegan Pop Eats sent You! 113 Ludlow Street Hours 5-11 pm Tues to Friday

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