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3 Tips To A Successful Transition To Vegan Lifestyle!

The New Year is the perfect time to start your journey to the Greenside! Since January 2014, Veganuary has been birthing Vegans by the hundreds of thousands. I was one, 5 years ago. I was already a vegetarian but decided to up the ante by going without dairy and eggs ( I use to looove boiled eggs) and seafood. 31 days taking the pledge to not eat any animal products. I was pleasantly surprised that didn't miss seafood and eggs BUT I won't lie, I missed cheese especially with New York pizza slices on every corner, there is something about pizza that has me in a chokehold.

Crossing over to the Greenside does not have to be dramatic or difficult. You just have to find your reason and it will take the focus of what you will do without and make you realize what you will get in return.

1. Find Your Why

With Anything, You have to find the purpose of why you would want to come to the greenside. Some come for health, Some come for environmental reasons some come for animals. I did it for health. My mother had and died from breast cancer and when she was going through that had started my journey to veganism and I haven't turned back.

2. Be Open to Change

It will be a little strange because you are relearning bad habits, there will be slipups. I live in New York , Pizza just does something to me, Fortunate for me there are AMAZING Vegan Pizza here. Be easy on yourself.

3. Educate yourself

There are so many documentaries that will get you together my favorites are Game Changers, Dead, Sick and Nearly Dying, Cowspiracy and the list keeps going.

31 Days is Nothing, You got this!


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