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Beginner Vegan Cooking/ My 6 Favorite Ingredients

I am a chef... In my mind, lol. When became a Vegan 5 years ago, I never thought I would love to explore cooking in the kitchen. I mean I never had an interest in really learning to cook other than the easy things I made quickly. I remember the first dish I made was pasta, it was easy and not complicated considering the sauce came from a jar and does not take long to boil noodles. Veganism changed that because I wanted to get all that I could from the lifestyle change. I realized that cooking was therapeutic and it made me proud of myself every time I threw a little razzle-dazzle in the pan and it came out better than I expected.

I get excited now for the different recipes that I make or am influenced by. I go to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory to splurge on gourmet ingredients and spices and pay half of what I would have if I went to Whole Foods or other Organic Grocers. Plant-based/ Vegan Cooking is all about the seasoning. My go-to is Nutritional Yeast, Peppercorn(Assorted or Regular) Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, and Coconut Aminos

Nutritional Yeast - Great on Salads, Sauces, Avocado Toast and a staple in a lot of vegan recipes B12

Peppercorn- King of Spices, Powerful Antioxidant helps with Nutrition Absorbance

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt- 84 minerals also great salt lamp

Coconut Aminos- Use instead of Soy Sauce. Sweeter than Liquid Aminos (Soy) I use in sauces and homemade dressings. Will level up your stir fry.

Garlic Powder- Aids in digestion and gives a little oomph to all dishes Has Vitamins such as c,b, and iron

Onion Powder- Filled with Antioxidants, Fights inflammation also key in the flavor of dishes

What other things should I add to my favs?

My 6 Favorite Seasonings

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